Litigation Practice and Results

We spend about 80% of our time litigating contingency-fee cases is in the following areas:

  • Wrongful termination, including employment discrimination, failures to accommodate a disability, unlawful harassment and whistleblower retaliation;
  • Breach of contract claims on behalf of executives, often related to equity compensation;
  • Unpaid wages and unpaid overtime; and
  • Class and representative actions for other violations of the California Labor Code.

Since 2015, our firm has recovered over $7,000,000 via settlements, judgments and awards from arbitrators. Some of our notable results include the following:

  • Partial arbitration award following four-day hearing at JAMS finding that employer engaged in whistleblower retaliation in violation of California Labor Code § 1102.5 and awarding the employee approximately three years of back and front pay (case settled while attorney’s fees motion was pending and before the arbitrator decided whether to award noneconomic and punitive damages);
  • Partial arbitration award following three-day hearing at JAMS finding that employer did not engage in a good faith interactive process to accommodate a disability and awarding approximately four years of back and front pay (case settled while attorney’s fees motion was pending);
  • Judicial approval of $904,000 settlement of a representative action under the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 that alleged novel claims for violation of California’s day of rest statutes;
  • Decision from the Chancellor of a University of California campus reinstating a tenured professor to his contractual teaching arrangement following a day-long administrative hearing before a Committee on Privilege and Tenure; and
  • Reaching many confidential settlements of lawsuits that were pending in state and federal courts following denials of defense motions for summary judgment and/or motions in limine.

Materials from some of our cases appear below: